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Let’s explore
polyStylism together

It’s nothing novice, but the vision is novice.
It's not progressive, but the goal is progressive.
And ultimately, if a few can come up with this, anyone can.

The aim of #polyStylism is to create stable bridges between existing ideologies through three realms:
Devoid | Elute | GronTapu | #polyVerse

Welcome to #polyStylism 

place where
the building blocks of existence,
the essence of complexity &
the world of creativity
split into three.

Everything that exists looks divergent
Still, it's all formed from the same substance
This includes everything, even us

We're all in this together
Awareness is the key to harmony
and mutual understanding can become universal


All we need to do is 'raise our collective awareness'

The more we are aware that everything in existence has the same origin, the more we will become one within existence. | | |