polyStylism is:

realizing that everything is connected

Can we give something a name using an existing word and then say it means something that has already been said many times before, but it should now be seen in a new way?
Naming something is probably the easy part. But letting it mean something new even though it has been said many times before will need some explaining.

What makes saying everything is connected different this time compared to the multiple times this has already been said in the past?
Maybe this time it really means something. No, that can’t be it, because it also means something every other time it is said and will be said.
Maybe this time a crazy person said it. Well…, hold that thought, because if the next part is too confusing, sounds too absurd or is making you feel like you’re losing your mind, that thought may help you snap back to sanity.

Some connection examples
To some, it may sound a bit weird to say it like this, but humanity is one big family, so there’s a connection there, but this is not where it stops.
Animals are our cousins. No, not saying we are monkeys here, just saying we have a common ancestor. And while most humans are better behaved than most animals, most animals are better behaved than some humans.

Plants and other forms of life we don’t call animals are our far cousins. Again, not saying you should marry a tree, unless you really, really want to. Although this variation in human behavior is very rare as there is no way for it to consistently procreate, it keeps popping up so now and then. But that’s not the point.
All current life has a common ancestor, so there’s a connection there.

There may however be forms of life that existed before our current forms of life emerged. Moreover, current life might not even have emerged without those earlier lifeforms existing. Those ancient forms of life may have become unrecognizable for us as being lifeforms, because although they are currently among us, they may have formed extreme symbiotic or parasitic relationships with later lifeforms (this is including humans, for example, with our precious mitochondria).

And, even more plausible, some of the most ancient lifeforms may have been just the parts necessary that enabled the later lifeforms to exist. Their new ways of life may have gotten them to lose much of the complexity that existed before when they needed to exist on their own that would have led us to recognize them as lifeforms. And again, not the point.
Anyhow, a wanted and unwanted connection right there.
The connection also doesn’t stop there either, but it will have to do for now.

polyStylism is also:

a portal to three sites

Devoid is the part where the more tangible nature of nature is conversed. At one end there is cosmology and at the other end there is particle physics. But Devoid explores these outer edges of existence in an a bit unconventional way.
Not going into all of that now. The part that will be briefly mentioned has to do with the nature of energy itself. Scientists think that in a vacuum, energy is constantly very temporary borrowed and rapidly returned. That part is true and can be, and has been, experimentally proven. The difference as seen from Devoid is that in fact all matter is constantly being regenerated from that same place where zero point energy is borrowed from. So the universe itself also exists from borrowed energy.

Elute is the part where the less tangible nature of nature is conversed. While Devoid was about building blocks, Elute is about what emerges from that.
Here it will all sound even less scientific than Devoid, so although it involves some parts that were influenced by physics, there are also some parts going in the direction of meta-physics and other stuff that is currently hard to prove in a scientific way. There will be some philosophy and some spirituality mixed in there too.
It’s also kind of the part where some people say: “You people are crazy” while others say: ”We see dead people”.
(Just for the record, I don’t see dead people myself, but will be open minded enough to at least speak to people who claim to see dead people.)

GronTapu is the part where everything eventually leads to.
A world where the most creative beings find the most creative ways to keep on existing while raising their awareness to levels that makes them feel responsible for finding creative ways in which not only their own species can keep on existing, but also all other species.
Grontapu means world. It’s life’s home and needs to be cared for. Not that earth itself would care if you ruined it, because earth itself doesn’t depend on life to keep earth existing. But we need it to keep on supporting current lifeforms to keep current lifeforms (including us humans) existing. So let’s take care of earth together.

#polyStylism side note
Realize this: When we say the world is our home in the way common sense would lead us to see it, it means that nobody would ever do the stuff outside the home that you would not do inside of the house you are currently living in. Remember this whenever you see someone throwing something away outside at a place that is not meant for it. And if you happen to be someone that actually throws stuff away that way, please don’t. 

The portals in short shorts 

Here’s a summary of what the main parts of #polyStylism are about:

Simple existence, emergence, recombination of simple existence and emergence to form complex existence and complex emergence which recombines again to form even more complex existence with yet again more complex emergence. And so on…
(Some chapters of this are already online. Others will follow when they are done or almost done.)

All of those forms of existence and emergence mentioned before are happening mostly simultaneously and are effecting and re-effecting each other. This results in strong existence and strong emergence.
(There is not very much to see there yet, although some parts are currently being written. It will be placed there when it’s ready.)

Where we are in the here and now and creativity is an important part of it. Creativity is the key to the wonders of live. And awareness is the key to creativity.
(Currently that part only has some music and some art, but this will hopefully be expanded on in the future.)

If you don't know,

now you know

Now that you know more of what #polyStylism is about, go explore the parts of it, at least as far as we have been able to get the parts set up so far.
And we’re not even sure if this can be completed in our current lifetime. Most of the time that could have been used to advance polyStylism currently goes to whatever is paying the bills. And unfortunately advancing this isn’t one of them yet, so help is welcome.

And finally, to use an insight from a YouTube video about a highly compressed version of the approximation of the history of the world; please, let’s not make a religion out of this.
But seriously, the parts must be free to be enhanced according to whatever evidence comes along that extends the understanding of the whole.
The key is to raise awareness, so we all get the key to creativity to create a wonderful existence for us all, yes even for our great great great great…great… aunt neutron, …uncle… proton, their parents up and down quark and their parent, photon.

There is one more thing.

What polyStylism is not

This part is to prevent future disappointments by adding some disappointment in advance

Although the main goal of polyStylism is to raise our collective awareness through multiple pathways, it is not claiming to be the only way to reaching that nor is it a replacement to any existing ideologies.
Collective awareness is much more than the sum of its parts. And what emerges from combining the some of its parts isn’t collective awareness.
When the two previous sentences are understood well, a lot of misunderstanding will get eluted. You see?, in a way nothing is actually wrong with anything. So, everything is absolutely right. The reason this will, or will not, sound bonkers to you depends totally on what you are already aware off and your point of view. Having an open mind can also be helpful when navigating other seemingly contradictory parts of existence.

Furthermore, don’t expect polyStylism to reveal what happened before the Big Bang, nor wether it was or wasn’t started by a being. You’re free to believe anything from any ideology as long as it doesn’t do more harm than good, not just to humans, but to all lifeforms. Don’t expect polyStylism to reveal wether god exists, as this is also up to you to decide and again as long as it doesn’t do more harm than good to humans and all other lifeforms.
And please don’t decide for others what they should believe, but for yourself.
If you’re not able to work on raising your own awareness and choose to judge other beings awareness instead, you are hindering the growth of our collective awareness and are indeed failing miserably at polyStylism.

Thanks for having read this far. There will be more throughout the polyVerse.
Please, share the hashtags (#polyStylism #polyVerse) on social media and let others know we can explore polyStylism together, no matter who!

That’s it for now. If anything written here hurts anyone in any way, that was not at all what this was intended for.
Use the contact form to let us know what’s hurtful so we can see if there’s a more neutral way to say it or if we can elute the misunderstanding with an insightful reply.

Remember this:

polyStylism is supposed to be extremely neutral. It even has the potential to be a universal ideology that doesn’t try to replace any other ideologies and even will attempt to reveal how to create a bridge between them all.
This is however all much more difficult than you probably have already realized. It’s exactly like trying to build a bridge between ideologies while many of those are in conflict with each-other and building that bridge with yet another ideology that could in turn cause more of what it is trying to prevent in the first place.
So this is very tricky, but it is also much too precious to not give that a try at all. Let’s work on this together.

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